Photographer Tom McConnell | St Augustine, Florida - Tom McConnell

About Me

Hi, I’m Tom McConnell I first got into photography at the tender age of eight. I pestered my dad to let me use his Konica SLR and darkroom equipment until he relented. Using Dad’s Konica was certainly a challenge for such a young kid, but I persevered.

To this day I have fond memories of capturing and developing nature images of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where I spent my formative years (one of the most beautiful counties in the US, in my opinion).

At the age of fifteen, I moved to another glorious part of the country: St Augustine, Florida. As soon as I discovered the natural beauty of my new home and its diverse ecosystems, I was out there taking photos.

Today, I grab my camera and go back to nature whenever I get a break from my work as a house designer. Being surrounded by so much salt and fresh water and tramping through the woods, where many a dangerous creature resides, certainly keeps me on my toes. But I love the challenge of hunting for that next perfect shot. It's like still-hunting without the gun.

Inspiration for my nature photos is all around me. Who could resist the call to capture the remarkable Osprey in flight or take a close-up of a tiny native plant that most others fail to notice? I hope you enjoy dipping into my photo gallery.