Useful Links for Beginner Photographers

Quality nature images of St Augustine, FL. These amazing photos of local animals, birds, reptiles and landscapes are available to print on canvas, fine art print, and metal print.

Differences Between Photographic Paper Finishes

By: Austin Livingston

There are four common photo finishes used in today’s photograph. Discover the differences between them and which ones are most suitable for your printed photos.

Which RAW Format is Right for You?

By: Simon Ringsmuth

Keen to start shooting in RAW but need to know more about compression formats before you dive in? This article explains all about the complexities and benefits of the RAW format.

Online Lens Simulators Let You Try Before You Buy

By: Saikat Basu

Buying the right lens can be tricky, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there’s a tool to help. Online Camera Simulators give you a feel for the focal length you’re looking for before you buy.

Photography Tips for Shooting the Moon

By: Todd Vorenkamp

Frustrated you can’t capture the perfect shot of the moon? Don’t give up. Here are 14 excellent tips for developing your lunar photography skills.

Glossary of Basic Photography Terms for Beginners

By: Justin Katz

It can be tough learning to take decent digital photos. And photographer jargon doesn’t help. Here are 25 terms and definitions that all beginner photographers need to know.

Your Guide to Understanding and Using Royalty-Free Images

By: Amos Struck

Not sure what a royalty-free image is? Don’t want to break the law? This excellent guide untangles the legal rights of photographers and users of photos in plain English.

7 Ways to Take Noise-Free Photos Every Time

By: Andy Betts

Eliminating image noise (those tiny dots of color or grain that sometimes appear on photos) will help you take sharper pictures. Luckily, there are several courses of action.

Camera Settings for Bird Photography

By: Prathap DK

Bird photography is extremely challenging while they are in flight. Light will change, when shooting manually or even semi manually, and make or break your shot. The following article will help you make some basic decisions.

Understanding Hyperfocal Distance

By: Spencer Cox

Hyperfocal distance may not always need to be considered. For example, when shooting an extremely far distance such as mountains far off in the distance. When shooting most all other situations hyperfocal distance will come into play. As this is a very technical subject, read this fantastic article for an explanation.

Photography During the Blue and Golden Hour

Timing is everything and chances are you cant be in the right place at the right time. Knowing when the right time are can increase your chances of being in the right place.

Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

Getting everything in focus can present a challenge with landscape photography.

Choosing the right aperture is important for depth of field and knowing a little about hyperfocal distance will also help.

Exposing for the Highlights Explained

Lightroom can reveal dark areas with the shadow slider but when parts are over exposed it is much harder to recover using highlights.